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hi if I could please get some tips on photography?? Answered

some tips or anything dealing with photography thank you guys in advance


frame your subject 1/3 - 2/3 of the entire photograph rather than in the middle. Look for drama and the unusual. Carry a camera all the time. Take a LOT of shots - with digital it's cheap enough. LOOK at good photographs and ask your self "what makes them good" Read a lot about photography.

but what if i have one big expensive camera why would i lug that around?

i would suggest taking the small 8 MP camera around

and it would be nice to get some ideas for photos too thanks alot guys this is really helping :)


9 years ago

Do you have a camera? of so what kind?

i have a 8 mega pixel digital camera not a big expensive one but i might get one of those so thats why im asking