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hi instructablers, i'm going to build a electric scooter but im not sure about how many watts and rpms i need Answered

the e-scooter should be able to move 75kg person


350w wheelchair motor does 7mph through its gear box that puts out 130 rpm cut the gearbox and you have 350w 3200rpm dc motor

gear this and you probably do 30 mph

1000 watts could get you about 3 mph per second acceleration at stall and about 15 mph top speed. That's about 5 kph per second and 25 kph. Note that that will be 5 kph/ps at 0 kph, 4 at 5, 3 at 10, 2 at 15, 1 at 20, and none at 25. Because of that, it also won't actually be able to quite get to 25.

For RPM, it really doesn't matter because you can just regear it.

It mainly depends on how fast you want to go