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hi um i have a school project to make your own bag out of anything any ideas??its due in 2 weeks!!? Answered



Dirty socks! Learn to knit or crochet. Re-create a paper grocery sack. Roadkill-skin it indian style so you can use the head as a lid : ) Hobo bindle (tie the ends of a square of cloth together). Roll up stuff in a blanket and tie the ends, extra points to use only one rope and have a handle. Pillow case, or roadkill pillow. Cut 1/2 the tread off a tire, leaving the side sections for a handle. An old shoe. One leg of a pair of pants. Sew a t-shirt shut, or just tie the arms together tight. This seams very open ended. Care to put some limits on it?

search online what was used for bags in japanese tradition they usually come up with cool stuff

Woven paper strips Woven cloth strips Fabric Cardboard Paper Metal (cut open aluminum cans) Palm fronds Human skin (how you get it is your problem)