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hi. what cheap product can I use for a filter to block the bright light so I can use my webcam for outdoor viewing?? Answered

i've used a pair of old sunglasses, and they work good. but i really want something square so I can afix it all together in a box. thnx.


try my instructable!! https://www.instructables.com/id/Convert-a-Webcam-to-work-outdors-in-bright-light/step3/Before-and-after-photos/

I would say you could get yourself some colored plastic wrap or a few layers of press and seal.  It also depends on how dark you're looking for.  As 11010010110 said below, if you're looking directly at the sun, it's vastly different.  Either way, some plastic food wrap, and maybe a little spray paint, and you could get whichever desired shade.

The thin membrane vinyl used to tint windows in cars - go to a place that does tinting and ask for a square inch of scrap :D

dark plastic like from front panel of trash tv / vcr / computer (the window that shows MHZ in really old computers) etc unlabeled cd (that is mirror from both sides) for direct viewing of the sun - maybe the disk from a floppy disk or you can use reflection from clear glass (place black wall behind it to stop go-thru light)