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hidden Millennium Falcon in Episode 2 of star wars Answered

While I was watching Star Wars the other day, I noticed that there are 3 Millennium Falcons hidden right as Anikin and Padme are landing on Naboo.  Look to the left, it's just above the yellow and orange things near the bottom. Maybe the Millennium Falcon isn't a unique ship. o.0


easter egg!

who ever below in the comments said "so apparently the ship existed before episode 2. yes lando had it for a while before han won it from him. it might not have been lando cause idk how old hed be at the time of episode 2 but ya

As kiteman said, it's not necessarily the falcon, it could be any YT-1300 class freighter.

Still, good find though.

So apparently the ship existed before the events of Episode 2...

I'm not sure where that story has come from, but someone wrote it, when or who is more than I know.


Well there is a lot of stuff written just for the expanded universe.

Yes, and that looks like some of it.


There's also one hidden in Episode 3.

Falcon started life as a production freighter. a YT-1300 light freighter built by the Corellian Engineering Corporation.

Her production-line frame number was YT 492727ZED

Here endeth the geekiness.

Only to confirm what I already learned in 1977...