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high voltage power supply inputs with a relay?? Answered

Hi, I Have a high voltage power supply (5kv) its basically  a flyback driver with a flyback transformer. there's no documents on it. here's my problem. It take 24v DC  and it goes through some sort of weird relay (http://www.selectronic.fr/includes_selectronic/pdf/Siemens/DS2E_S.pdf) and the 8th pin is connected to ground 9th pin seems to be the output. I just cant get it to work. I'm really horrible with analog electronics.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


From the pictures, the relay doesn't really look weird. The diagram on top of it looks like a DPDT relay. This type of relay would have 8 contacts. Two for the relay coil, and 6 for the switch contacts.

The power connector looks like it has 4 pins. Assuming two of them are 24VDC and ground, do you know the function of the other two? There may be a line or lines used to energize the relay and turn on the circuit to generate the high votlage output. Its hard follow the lines by tracing the PCB using the pictures.

Thank you for you're reply. There is 4 pins but only 3 pins are connected.
Here's how they are connected with the terminal assignment from the PDF

connector relay
pin9------>connected to what I think is the ground rail.
If it would help I could get a high-resolution photo or draw up a schematic.
Thanks for you're help, you can't tell how much I appreciate it.

sorry pin 9 on the relay is connected to the ground rail