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high end logitech  keyboard broken wire at stress grommet ? Answered

my logitech usb lighted  keyboard developed an intermittent open at the entrance to the keyboard, inside the stress grommet. i opened it up and found the open,.   however i am not sure i can do the splice since the wire there is  so thin and i already broke the copper foilwrap. if i had a butt splice connector i could probably do it, i do not know if they make the butt connectors this small.i am worried if i try to get the insulation off of the broken red wire to splice, i will do more damage.  i have plenty of usb cords and cheaper keyboards ,  so if i know at the usb connection to keyboard is a better place to do the fix, i will open it up further.
speaking of keyboards, i spilt a cup of black, no sugar coffee on my wireless laser one, i flipped it and ran some fresh water into it, but a couple keys don't work., wondering if trying to pour water or  rubbing alcohol into it  may be worth a try ?


i did it again , homer Simpson slap on forehead , i have a quiver of keyboards.
luckily just black,no subgoal and usually only the bottom keys. at least now i have a number of different problem to experiment.
the repair of the wire on the logitech skinny boards are too difficult to splice at the keyboard even with slack, they use foil wrapped around string, very bad design , as there is no anchor point'gromett, or slack with spring action built in, this is second logitech KB fail at entrance, wires go interimittent opens, and they are not even wire's foil wrapped string, i woo have to go further and see if i can soder on a cannibalized cord, since i only seem to have a couple Stu he's on others, i will try a quick burst of the many electrical contact fixers,
i used to be a splicer for the telcos and the original bee-sprays would melt the 3M 25 PAIR connecters like the whitch in the wizard of oz. i think compresses air is a good dryer, wish i had some desiccant to sprinkle in on one for a test,cant t remember how the loose powder worked on splices, sucked on our lungs and skin and eyes. i knew i should have saved a scuba tank, in telco we used nitrogen for dryness. maybe i can salvage a 30cu foot O2 bottle in hydro for this purpose.

thanks, for the time being i was able to Jerry rig the splice and use a tie wrap through a screw hole to prevent any tension on the splice. i didn't do a straight splice, i did a loop with el tape at the bottom and the tie wrap into the tape job. it been working good, so eventually i will pull out my other, but better logitech that is wireless, and see if i can try to use some kind of cleaner to see if it frees up the couple wacky keys. Any suggesstions on what type of cleaner i can use , and spray in-between the keys? or just deminerized water?
once i got used to a good keyboard, i cant stand the cheap ones that come with most pc's. The wireless Logitech razor was my favorite, except it had no etched lighting of the keys. i have another keyboard with etched lighting ,but it uses red lights and it is horrible.
The original intermittent open was right inside the grommet. i still need to get some copper tape to have on standby for soldering the shielding. Or is there a shielding wire sold nowadays, splicing those aluminum wrapping inside these usb cords can be daunting.

Just get one of those usb rubber membrane keyboards. Should be watertight, flexible, and should take some abuse.

You should be able to pull the wire further inside the grommet to expose more of the wire to solder together. Put some electrical tape or hot glue on the inside of the grommet to add further strain relief to the cord.

You may have to pop off all the keycaps on the keyboard to really dry it out, maybe with the help of a gentle hair dryer if you are in a rush.