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hiw do i build a mail box? Answered



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Pick up a copy of the postal regulations on freestanding mailboxes from your local post office and follow them explicitly as to size, shape, location, height material etc.

If you just guess and miss any ONE of the requirements THE POST OFFICE WILL NOT DELIVER YOUR MAIL UNTIL YOU CORRECT THE DEFICIENCY.  Or at least they have the option of not delivering. Part of the problem is their insurance is based on certain guidelines and if they are not met the carrier may not be covered if injured.

Trust me on this one, "Been there done that".

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Re-design gives solid gold advice.

In addition check with your city or county roads department as they might have extra regulations about materials, size and placement. For example in places that get a lot of snow a mail box by the road may have to be able to safely break away if hit by a snow plow.


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