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home brewing question? Answered

I have 3 pounds of muntons extra light malt, can I make a extra light malt wine mead with that and do you think it will turn out ok. I have several glass carboy's/demijohns I have a 5 gallon, 3 or 4 gallon, and several 1 gallon carboys. I have seen several recipes for 1 gallon honey mead or mead wine and those recipes call for 3 pounds of honey. so I guess this should work but I don't no if I should put some kind of sugar with it, if so what kind and how much. so many questions 


Honey is almost 100% fructose which is a much sweeter sugar than the maltose in malt extract, so the taste of the brew after fermentation would not be as sweet.  The extract would make the brew darker as well and give it a 'beerier' flavour. 
But homebrewing is about experimentation, so I'd say try it, although without any other flavouring it is going to be lacking in character, and it won't be mead.    I made a very successful malted cider once which had an unusual taste, but was rather pleasant.

As for added sugar, I'd dissolve what you've got in the fermenting bin and then add glucose or dextrose (normal sugar) to make up to your desired OG.  Remember, 3oz of sugars results in 1% alcohol after fermentation.

Just reading your question again, if you're planning on using 3lbs of extract, it will taste like a very, very bland beer. Just a thought - How about trying a small batch using a couple of herbs such as sage and thyme for flavouring, and a bit of ginger root for bite. The slight bitterness of the herbs would do the job of hops in a normal beer.

Mead is traditionally made from fermented honey so - although you may get an alcoholic drink it isn't mead. Malt is a flavour used in beer.