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home made airsoft improvements Answered

hey.... i tryin to think of ways to improve my guns... I have 2 spring rifles (a good sniper and a crappy assaultish style) and 1 pistol (also spring)... it would be much appreciated if someone could make an instructable that would allow you to make a bipod that does not use tape to attach to gun (folding = happy), as well as a pistol that isnt a pen gone blowgun. add any other improvements also, such as your own scope rings that attach to weaver rails.



9 years ago

hey a9fan1959 i tried wat u said. u need to be extremely carefull with it cause i broke my airsoft gun and im not supposed to have one

i built this for a ca m15a4 im nto sure if it will work on other guns''''i no how to make bipod sorry im not sure how to get pics so yea. first get 1/2 inch pvc pipe cut it to any length you want. the an inch below the top cut half way through then go another inch below the groove you just cut and cut another notch. cut off the parts in between both sides. do this for both side. then wrap a big rubber band around the bottom of the groove and a small one above it. then put them two side by side together with the rubber bands around it but the grooves are facing opposite directions.pull the bottoms of the pipes away from each other and slip ur barrel into the groove. then glue a stick in between the 2 pipes to keep the pod's shape. i got a design on how to fold it but i need to get some stuff first then and if it works ill tell u how 2 do it

well to upgrade your pistol all you have to do is take off the top cocking mechanism (the part you pull back on) and somehow, without breaking the gun access the spring and piston. first, take the back part of the pump and pull. this should open it up. put some oil in there to lubracate it up. then take the spring and stretch it a little. after that put it back together and fire. it should bring the feet per second up by about 25. have fun. check out youtube to see other things like that. as for I bipod, I'm quite the inventor, so I could probably figure that out. but, sadly I don't know what your gun is like so I can't help you any more than what I already have. so like I said, have fun.