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home made lathe? Answered

if anyone has made a SAFE lathe or jury rigged a motor/drill SAFELY i would like to see pics, or an instructable...


I've made a reciprocating wood lathe and played around with it for some SCA projectes. I used it to make a fairly nice pump drill, so it can be done and can be useful. By time you're good at using it one of your legs will be ready for the Tour de France. A treadle/flywheel lathe is a little less demanding.

Here is are some weblinks to a fellow scadian's home built lates:

Also, one of the woodworking magazines had an article by Roy Underhill on the subject a few years ago. More info on that here:

Metal lathe's are tougher. Lindsay's Technical Books has some stuff on the subject. I just bought some stuff from them for the Logan lathe that I'm trying to put back into order:

How big? I've been looking into it and I think I have the stuff I need now...

This might be the push I need to finish up...

Someone started making a lathe here, hasn't finished it that I know of.
metal lathe here and wood lathe, the wood one is human power, but could be converted to motor power with some work.

im going to say it has to be able to accept a baseball bat or small chair legs, so a it has to have a considerable variance acceptance. get creative, if you get stuck, i think i can help you out.

That big leaves out the drill for a motor : ) Homemade metal lathes tend to be in the 7x20 (7 inch diameter max with 20 inch long bed) or (much) less. Let me take another look at what I have. The spur is what has been holding up making a wood lathe, but I think I have the tools for an idea : )

I always wanted a lathe for metal working. I've heard of other people making lathes, but I'm not sure if it works on metal.