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home page bug Answered

as i scroll down the home page to view the builds, the page keeps going bace to the top of the page.  it seems that when the large banner refreashes it does the whole page and starts back at the top



Thanks for letting us know - we just finished doing a release and we'll button that up soon.

It's also related to this bug that the keyboard scrolling don't work at all anymore on the home page (Firefox 20, Windows 7). Using arrows or PgUp PgDn usually brings you back to the top of the page. Sometimes, Ctrl+Click ing a link to open in new tab on the front page also scrolls back to the top of the page, without opening the link.


5 years ago

Working good for me now,

I have this problem as well.
windows 7 32/64 bit (work/home)
Firefox 20
Chrome seems ok at work.

I am using Safari on a Mac and I am also experiencing this, and it is quite annoying; I liked the the way it was just before this, with the Featured, Popular, and Recent tabs along the bottom.