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home page not loading Answered

For the last several days the home page has not been loading. I even tried a search on Google and the link did not work. I had to use one of the category links to get on.



I am a registered user. When I try to open "instructibles.com" I get a 403-forbidden error, and I am asked to log in, but I can't log in because the home page won't load. I have unchecked the "keep me signed in" box, but, I'd really like for a page to load, not a 403.

Did you see user StumpChunkman's comment, which was right at the very top before you wrote yours? Did you follow the link he posted?

I do not understand the comment. Sorry. I did want to report there is a bug. I am probably not going to abandon Internet explorer.

Sorry, but the home page doesn't work on mac, in safari and firefox? why? i'm registred

It does work, in both Safari and FF on Mac. I'm using a MacBook with Leopard (10.5.8) right now. If you follow the link StumpChunkman posted, you can read about what the problem was/is, and how it is being dealt with.

I've read but it doesn't work, i've got leo 10.5.8, ((( -_-

You're logged in (obviously :-), so you're accepting cookies from instructables.com

Could you try clearing your recent history?  It may be that you've gotten stuck with some past "broken" HTML file in your cache, which keeps getting redisplayed.

Do you have JavaScript enabled?  Oh, duh.  Of course you do, or you couldn't have posted that comment.  Sigh.

It's possible that your IP address is just in a bad place :-(  If so, there's not much you can do about that, unless you have access to a different computer connected to a different local network (e.g., a machine at work rather than at home, or vice versa).

I'm using IE. Just some bug in the coding that IE does not like. Jerry

I've been having the same problem as Jerry. Main page loads ok in Firefox, but not IE. I get HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden.

. I just loaded and forced a refresh of the home page with no problems. I'm using Firefox 3.6.3 under Win XP Pro SP3.