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homeade paintball gun Answered

hey everybody please give me tips or designs to help me make the homeade paintball gun using PVC or other inexpensive peices!!



how do you like my muzzleloader paint ball berret max range 400 yd easly. the whit one is a 5 shot paintball shotgun or rilfe ( you fill it up with air then close extra valves (5 shot muzzleloader) ) .


on the barret type gun, is the very end thing on the barrell a t joint with a hoe drilled through it so the paintball will continue through? i believe it is a great gun but is there no air tank for it?

search for aa cannon. you could probably just have a smealler barrel and there you go!

oo i already made one it has a hopper and nice trigger system!! it uses 12 gram co2. !! its pretty awesome

this is with out the hopper i made i muzzle loader instead on this model. it has 2 shots with one 12 g co2. it can also be powered by a compressor. it is modeled to look like a berrett 50 cal.'

Photo 14.jpgPhoto 15.jpgPhoto 16.jpg

Make a instructable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Just modify the sniper you built so that it accepts a sch40 3/4" PVC barrel and replace the soda bottle with a PVC air tank. Pressurize the PVC tank with about 10-15psi and that paintball should go about 130 yards

A PVC air tank is a foot of sch40 2" PVC pipe with a 2 cap on one end and a bushing on the other end so that it fits the air intake of your sniper.

www.spudfiles.com I'm sure you'll more of a responce here. Have a read through those air cannons plenty of idea's to pinch...... ;)