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homebrew ultrasonic cleaning solutions Answered

i just picked up a branson 5210 2.5 gallon ultrasonic cleaner.

i will be using it to clean aluminum motorcycle carbs that have been sitting and become encrudded.

i have gotten a lot of suggestions as to what sort of home brew recipes work well, i was hoping people around here could tell me what they use or have heard

i will be ordering some of the carb cleaning stuff from sharperteks website to compare it to different homebrew recipes. my goal is ease and lack of cost here.




I hope there is more to come on this subject as i have just built myself an Ultrasonic cleaner, it works just great.
I am now interested in the cleaning solutions though.

I use a small u-s bath to clean scuba parts of stainless and nickel plated brass. I have been recommended diluted white vinegar and it does work well but as always test it on something you don't mind damaging.

Modern ultrasonic cleaning solutions are compounded from a variety of detergents, wetting agents and other reactive components. A large variety of excellent formulations are available, designed for specific applications. Proper selection is crucial for acceptable cleaning activity and to preclude undesirable reactivity with the part being cleaned.

Flammables or solutions with low flash points should never be used. The energy released by cavitation is converted to heat and kinetic energy, generating high temperature gradients in the solution, and can create hazardous conditions with flammable liquids. Acids, bleach and bleach by-products should generally be avoided, but may be used with indirect cleaning in a proper indirect cleaning container, such as a glass beaker, and appropriate care. Acid and bleach will damage stainless steel tanks, and/or create hazardous conditions.

Excepts quoted from: UltraSonic Cleaner FAQ's

Emphasis mine.

. A fairly weak degreaser/surfactant should work well. Just make sure you get something that won't attack the (aluminum?) carb parts.
. See the Wikipedia article on ultrasonic cleaners for more info.

"Home brew recipes"? My experience with ultrasonic baths is to use clean distilled water, and replace it when it gets mucky. L