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how a single tubelight and a fan turned on by a solar pannel made at home? Answered



8 years ago

Where are you and what resources do you have available? Unless you are going to run the tube (CCF?) light during the bright daylight you will need a way to store the electricity, and a way to match the tube and fan to what your storage holds....in other words probably a car  battery or two or three, a 12 volt fan, and a 12 volt light. You need a way to manually monitor the charging of the battery or you need a charge controller or the whole thing will die on you fairly quickly. If we are talking a less developed area/country you may have better luck making and using a windmill type generator. If you give us more details we can give you better advice.

hi thanx for the reply
and i belong to pakistan , city lahore
well i am a new learner and want to do something creative and here in pakistan light problem is very much so being as an electrical engineer i want to do somthing to resolve this problem
starting from my home i want to use solar energy and want to turn on a single CCF tubelight and a ceiling fan so if it works and i will be sucessful then i want to implement the same strategy in all over the home
so tell me being as an instructor what shuld be my first task and how shud i start 
what resources shud i need for this 
i would realy appreciate ur effort if u would  be my instructor  
guide me how to start stepwise ?