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how are cyclones formed? Answered

i wanted to know how is a cyclone formed.




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when a difference of temperature between 2 region.
this sets convection in air.
warm air rises creating a low pressure are
cool air converges to the low pressure area.
warm air rises,cools and the water vapour condenses to form clouds.
the bigger water drops in the cloud fall to ground as rain, hail or snow.
falling water drops and rising air move vigorously to produce cyclone.

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same way as hurricanes but in the southern hemisphere.

hot rising air goes up
cooler air rushes in to take it's place.

Similar to how a vortex forms in a draining bathtub, a slight imbalance in the sum of the momentums of the air, it will have a slight rotation one way or another. (not just the coreolis effect).

The rising and 'large area getting smaller' of the inrush of air causes the rotation. like a figure skater, the tigher in the air pushes, the faster it spins to maintain momentum.

Cows thusly get sucked up and thrown elsewhere.