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how are solar motors made? Answered

Iwnt to make a motor from 6 solar cells, a mgnet, magnetic wire but i dont know the wire size and number of wind. The solar cell output is .50 DCV.


Interesting; hadn't seen that design before. Clever approach to minimizing friction (magnetic levitation and needle bearing), and using the rotation itself to change which coils are energized is clever. Unclear how much, if any, torque you could tap out of it before dragging it to a halt, but as an engineering artwork it's quite pretty.

THIS is a very simple DIY motor but the problem is that your solar cells are going to generate nowhere near enough current to drive it.  Solar motors are designed to be very efficient at low currents by having low friction,  many turns of wire and light components.
As an alternative, get hold of an old CDROM drive and take out the disc tray motor.  These are usually pretty good motors which will run down to a couple of volts which your cells could supply.
Another type of DIY motor is the homopolar motor which is just one piece of wire, a magnet and a battery.  These are even more inefficient and current-hungry, but good fun to play with.

HERE'S a great article on how a solar motor is put together and how they work.