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how can I build a simple servo motor Answered

how can I build a simple servo motor from a normal DC motor, what are the components of an original servomotor and how are they connected?



9 years ago

Here is the answer.. How to make a standard DC motor of any size into a stepping servo motor...


he he he...  you're welcome... =)
you can find the encoder in any standard printer.. all you would need then is a driver and power supply... the author explains in detail... GOOD STUFF...


10 years ago

not sure its that easy... controlling the direction of a dc motor is just flipping the polarities... in a servo, there is an input voltage, then there is a pulse "info" sent to tell what direction to turn then add a rotation counter and some gears... those are the components of a servo, and im not the guy to say how to build that. its also used with a microcontroller.... so like i said its not simple at all