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how can I built a wireless antenna? Answered

I would like to built a USB wireless antenna to connect it to my PC and get access to the Internet



<p>this is not going to be wireless but...<br /> <br />1. cut usb cord so it is 10inches in length. <br />2. strip the wire<br />3. solder the red wire to a single red wire with the length of how long you want it to be.<br />4. solder the black wire to a single black wire with the same of the red wire.<br />5. tape the two wires together.<br />6. solder the end of the two wires to either soda cans or wire that is sturdy. <br /> <br /> <br />p.s. like <a href="http://instructables.com/orksecurity/">orksecurity</a> said, it does not give you access to the internet unless there is an access point which you can connect to and that means that you should already be connected. :P</p>

sorry that link does not work use this one.<br /><br /><br /> <a href="http://instructables.com/member/orksecurity/">orksecurity</a>

Much, much simpler to just buy a USB-attached network adapter, and probably cheaper. Note that this doesn't give you "access to the Internet" unless there is a WiFi access point that you can connect to which is itself already connected to the Internet.