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how can I charge my car battery without a another car or a charger? Answered

My car battery is dead. I can't get a jump and I don't have a charger. Is there any other way?


You are going to need a push or a hill I think.


That was more than two years ago, I expect that the car has been moved by now.


If your car battery is a non-sealed one, then you can pour acid in it (even wine or vinegar), let it sit so the acid ionizes into its components (anhydrate and proton), and, theoretically, you should have enough energy to start your car. Sulfuric acid would work well, I suppose...

Sulfuric acid IS what's in the battery already. Increasing it probably will not help. It's the lead/lead oxide plates that need to be restored. The "wine or vinegar" will kill the battery for good. Even the inpurities in tap water will cause a battery to fail.Wine isn't an acid anyway !

You want to charge your batter. Without a charger? Do you do this with your cell phone too?

The force. And lots of it.