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how can I convert an ac welder to a dc? Answered

I have a microwave oven transformer welder that I made and it works ok, but I woul like to convert it to dc. Any information will be appreicated.


I heard it take some ot the wattage out. Almost half. Can this be true?

if it's dc before the transformer, it'll take a lot out, the rectifiers themselves have a small voltage drop, with high enough voltage it's barely worth considering. there's a coil in some welders called a reactor, it should be dc around that, not the big transformer at the wall.

reason is that most transformers are built to handle a particular frequency, if it's too low it can resist current flow. but like steve said, rectifier diodes at where the cable connects to the welder itself, full wave and some high voltage capacitors would make it work better.

You need a bridge rectifier which is capable of handling the power you are putting through it. I am not sure how your transformers will respond to DC going through them, but if you put it before them then all power going through them will be converted to DC before it is manipulated by them... which is to say that you will have 120 / or 240 V DC instead of AC before the transformers convert it to low voltage high amperage. Most common bridge rectifiers are rated at up to 1000V and less than 100 A... the amperage rating is the restriction. I am not sure what would happen if you put it after the transformers as that would be high Amps and low volts.

Very big rectifier diode will do it. Just add it in series.