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how can I download Valve's Steam program to the pc at my school? Answered

I need to download valve's steam program to the school computer.


bring the install to school and get everyone to install it on the computer! admin will get pissed off.

the best way is to bring your game on a usb drive and you can play it through there without having to install it. ive done the same for starcraft playing lan games against friends but im not sure if it will work for valve games since they connect over steam which is blocked by our school

Convince the physics instructor that Half-Life level design is an excellent and engaging lesson in Newtonian physics, or the computer science instructor that the games would motivate top performance in class.

Seriously? Go ask the admins, see how well that goes.. Don't put steam or any other games on the school computers. It's just going to get you in trouble and make the life of the admin's even harder.

go to the arts workshop dude. you can enjoy with them way more than with the computer what happens when you try to download steam ? can you get it there on usb disk ?