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how can I dye sheer curtains from white to beige? Answered



The cheapest, easiest and safest way is to use a tea or coffee dye! Brew up strong coffee or tea and soak your curtains to reach desired depth of color. (Remember, they'll look darker when wet, so maybe go a little darker than you'd like). To preserve the color, you can follow with a vinegar bath. If you don't plan to wash them often, you can skip this part, as the coffee/tea will essentially stain the material. I've used this technique for years with great & easy success. Good luck!


Hi, how are you? When you say "Brew up some strong coffee" Do you mean to heat up the coffee to a boiling point? If so how much coffee do I use to dye my white curtains I have 3 pairs to dye. How long do I leave it in a bucket or sink? After its all done, I take it you wash the curtains so they dont smell like coffee?...lolol Thank you very much! :o)

I mean use a LOT of coffee or tea for a deeper color. I don't know how to advise you on how much to use since I don't know how deep a color you want or how the fabric will take up the color since. All I can say is to experiment. If you absolutely hate it, you should be able to bleach it out (which is safer than using a "dye remover") and try something else, like commercial dyes.