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how can I get the wireless I have at my house to pick up on my PSP? Answered

I have wireless at my house and my PSP can sense the signal, but for some odd reason I can't get it to connect!



Best Answer 9 years ago

you don't need to change it to WEP. you can leave it as WPA (AES preferred), but make sure that you're not using WPA2. WPA2 is only a standard, and security wise, there isn't any difference from normal WPA. the psp can't connect to WPA2 networks. You should try to connect to your access point when you are standing next to the router just to make sure that it works, then try connecting from farther away.

How I'd troubleshoot: 1) Check the firmware. If it's been updated in the past make sure it's got the newest (some people don't update to play home brew... I don't) 2) Check network settings: Under network settings, you should be prompted for Ad-Hoc or infrastructure. You want infrastructure. Ad-Hoc is for machine to machine connections. It should show you what connections it's made in the past, and select your router's SSID name. (Warning, sometimes people keep their SSID as "Linksys" and there are other routers named the same out there and they compete. Your's may be connecting to theirs). Mine uses WPA (it's harder to crack then WEP... google "crack WEP" and you'll see people can crack them in under a minute). Confirm it's the proper key by re-entering. Address settings I use "easy". 3) If all else fails, reset your router to factory config and try to connect without any security, then reenable the WPA and type in the WPA key into the PSP. You don't want to keep your router unsecured unless you live out in the middle of nowhere. People will latch on and download porn on your dime. Ask me how I know!

is it wep or wpa? change it to wep if its wpa if that doesnt work disable the wireless pass and see if it connects. if it still doesnt then its just not compatible try a clean firmware install.

did you type the right WEP key? do you have an old router?