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how can I hack a cga computer monitor to work for rca? Answered

Hello, I was wondering if anyone can make a instuctable for me so I can wire some rca plugs
for my science project i'm working on.


I assume that you want to view composite video (RCA type jacks on the back of a VCR or DVD player) on a monitor.

Do you actually mean a CGA or a VGA? If VGA, then there are off the shelf converters to do it, but they may cost somewhere in the $30 to $50 range. I have a device that converts composite audio and video so that it can be viewed on a VGA monitor. It also includes an analog TV tuner, and it cost about $40 a few years ago. I bought it because I had a relatively large unused monitor and it was cheaper to buy the adapter than a comparable size TV.

It wouldn't be effective use of money or time to build such a converter from scratch. I assume that your sciece project itself is something different, and you just wan't it to display something related to the project?

well the thing is, is that it is cga, i can tell this by the fact that it has eight pins on the plug that you put on to a pc, or mac. I took it apart and fount the central video plugin but i dont know what pin combination to use.

If you really mean CGA -- a CGA monitor was designed to show only sixteen colors (one bit each of red, green, and blue, plus one overall high/low intensity control). Theoretically you could replace the input circuitry... but I think doing so would cost you more than finding a new monitor.

Decent used CRT monitors are available for a song, these days -- often just for the effort of hauling away -- as people replace them with LCDs, since most towns charge a fee to dispose of them. Sign up for Freecycle, post a "wanted" note, and you'll probably be offered more than you can use.

(Since working inside any CRT monitor involves working close to several kilovolts, which -- especially in older monitors -- may be present even when the box is unplugged, I'm not really comfortable with the idea of anyone who has to ask trying to modify that circuitry.)