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how can I lower a fence post? Answered

on of our wooden fence posts has raised over the years. anybody know how to lower it?



Unfortunately, you can't just lower it. It sounds like the post hole wasn't dug deep enough and below the frost line. As the temperature drops over the winter, the ground freezes, and all the water in it expands and pushes against things like fence posts. To fix the problem, you'll need to dig out the fence post, and make the hole deeper. You can check with someone in your area if you don't know how deep the frost line is in your region; or take HALF the height of your fence (above ground), and dig a hole that deep for your fence post (So a 6 foot fence should have 3 Feet of post in the ground). You should line the base of the hole with a few inches of gravel (which keeps water away from the bottom of the post), and then add the post, ensure that its level and plumb and add your concrete. You'll need to brace the post until the concrete sets, but thats about all you need to do.


6 years ago

Chain saw, small electric one will work.
reciprocating saw like a saws all.
Hand saw if you have the time.

Just cut it down to size.

Is the post set into concrete or just the ground?

If just the ground then disconnect the fence from the post (barbed wire/boards) -- then use a pile driver to ...pile drive it back into the ground.

helps to have heavy equipment or the like to really give it a good smack - because by hand it's gonna be a tough job. The reason it's heaving out is probably freeze-thaw cycle -- set it deeper to begin with so that frozen ground doesn't get under the bottom of the post.

Alternately, remove the post, make the hole bigger, and cement it in (also preferably deeper)...

it is a normal wooden fence. the posts are hammered into the ground

in that case, I definitely think a good pile driver is the solution to your problem if you don't want to completely dig them back up.


6 years ago

Grab a sledgehammer and teach it some manners!

(Also a great workout... :-) )

Cut the top off? :D


6 years ago

YES you can fix it but what about next year.
Winter freezes the the ground moisture under the fence post pushing it up
because of expansion.  Some winters cause a daily thawing and freezing 
of the ground and bring up rocks ( literary grow them ) each year.

Why this post ?
Some how water is pooling around and under the post..
Provide a drain away path, pack dirt up higher around the post,
keep water away. 
Inject a heavier ( denser ) then water compound around the post
keeps the water from slinking in when it rains.


In English, the term used is "frost heave."

It most commonly affects soil directly, leading to circular or polygonal structures in flat landscapes, but can also lift relatively large rocks out of partial burial.

Has it raised or has the ground eroded/sunk around it? If the post is cemented in place i doubt that it has raised. Most likely the ground has sunk or eroded away over the years.

Assuming this is a typical wood slat fence and not just some posts with a couple of post jointed between them. You can either take the fence apart and build it back to where it needs to be and cut the top of the post off, or you can build an addition to the bottom of the fence to fill the gap.