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how can I make a 3d printer? Answered

Ive seen exacto's added to a plotter to cut vinyl and even seen how someone mad a kind of 3d printer with a dermil and some servos to make stuff with plastic and wood, but has any one made their own 3d printer using junk and parts they maybe got on the net or at homedepo?



7 years ago

well go to reprap.org, follow the instructions to build a repstrap ( you'll find the mcwire cnc on instructables afair) and there you go, a fully functional 3d printer and it's selfreplicating too :D
I have on darwin myself it's pretty good. (the new mendel should be better though)
I'm currently working on a much smaller 3d printer to carry around ;)
image shows original reprap 3d printer darwin


Ciao jokerrabit! I built (well almost... is still 2-axis) CNC-thing and I learnt alot building it, expecially with this istructables https://www.instructables.com/id/Easy-to-Build-Desk-Top-3-Axis-CNC-Milling-Machine/ (Thanks Tom !!!) But think of self-building a 3D-PRINTER is completely another story!!!! One of the main drawback is to find a SUITABLE source of the MEDIUM you need to print... fine enough to fit the details, STABLE enough it won't melt under rain... CHEAP enough you can buy it at the dollar store... mmmh! still too early for such tech to get within a common our grasps... I've seen lot of trials around the net, the funniest is the guy who made candyes (sugar objects) It was funny to see the machine at work, but useless apart if you want make your own chupa-chups...;-) We have to wait some other time to see what happens... ciao! Mario

 Search CNC on Instructables I think this is what you are looking for.

Google RepRap. What you've described are not 3D printers, but rather CNC machines. The latter work by cutting away material to leave behind a shape.

A 3D printer works by building up material (whether plastic, sintered metal powder, or sugar) in layers to create a waste-less shape.

yes your right thank you but still doesn't answer my question.