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how can I make a TRIX CEREAL RABBIT . head piece for mr my costume??? Answered

Im either going to make the TRIX RABBIT head piece and want to know how... or

The ENERGIZER BUNNY RABBIT... need help with that too



Make a pattern for a hoodie where you can velcro it at your neck like a helmet.
Then add bunny ears. All made of furry FABRIC. Paper mache wont last.

Get a visual idea by googling GUMMO and look at the images of his rabbit head


you have to make a talking trix cereal rabit and easy to wear

Get a large ballon, beach ball, or other similar thing the right size to go over your head.
Steal a whole bunch of brown paper towels from your local gas station's bathroom.
Mix up 50/50 solution of white glue and water.
Dip the paper towels in the glue-water and cover your balloon in a smooth layer.
Allow to dry.
Repeat three or four more times, until you have a rigid structure. 
Rough in facial features, using crumpled newspaper or aluminum foil hotglued into place.
Make bunny ears by forming a frame out of coat hanger wire, covering the frame with aluminum foil or newspaper, then attaching to the head piece with strong glue or epoxy.
Cover all added features with a few more layers of paper towels and glue.
Cut eye and mouth holes, sand and paint.

For extra credit, glue window screen painted to look like the eye & mouth detail into the eye & mouth holes.

For extra extra credit, instead of painting, cover the head in the same fabric or fur that your costume is made of. The easiest way to do this is to cover the whole thing with a layer of saran wrap , then cover the saran wrap with a layer of duct tape, then cut the duct tape shell off the head and make careful slits in it until it lays flat. Use the flat piece as a pattern to cut your fur. You'll probably need to make separate patterns for the head and each ear. Glue the fur to the ears first, then the head. Add the eye & mouth screens, and you're good to go.

I don't want my face to be covered, but I love the rest of your ideas.

do you know of any sites that show photos or video on this. Helps see how to make it easier for me.

I want to look cute too.

What about ideas for Energizer bunny??

I know how to do the ears but how can I spunk it up on the bunny face area???


Hmm.. that's a tough one.
If you don't want your face to be covered, then I'd recommend bagging the whole papier-mache thing entirely, and go with something more like this, or possibly this. With a few minor mods, either of those would work as a bunny headpiece. And both of those ladies look quite cute in their silly hats, so you're good on the cute front.
If you need additional support to keep the ears from drooping, you could use the papier-mache/balloon thing to make a skullcap to mount inside, but you'd most likely have better luck with a kid's dress-up army or Viking helmet from the dollar store, or an old bike helmet or something like that. Maybe even a lightly-modified tupperware bowl....
Without covering your face, you're kind of limited to what you can do, feature-wise. Makeup and accessories are probably your best bet. Since the Trix bunny is all white and doesn't have any real distinguishing markings, you might try outlining his big horkin' eyes around your real eyes with makeup and add a rubber bunny nose, and carry around a big box of Trix.
For the Energizer bunny, you're in better luck. I'd definitely recommend the under-helmet, because his ears are enormous in relation to his head. After that, just add a humongous pair of sunglasses (usually obtainable from the party store - or just cut the frames out of a couple of layers of black foamcore and add black window screen "lenses"), and paint a little black bunny nose onto your real nose.  For extra credit, get a big cardboard concrete-forming tube from Home Depot, and cut & paint so that it looks like half of a giant battery. Velcro the giant battery onto your back. Extra extra credit: Bass drum with the Energizer logo and blue flipflops on your bunny feet.
Does that help?


You very good @ this.
My friend wants to make wings for a ladybug costume. She can't sew and we have tried but they look awful.

By the way, what does your name mean? Are you a photographer??
I ask cuz I used to model a few yrs back ..


Thanks very much! I've been doing theatre for the past 25 years, so I have a lot of practice figuring out how to do props & costumes on the cheap. It has come it handy on this site more than once.

Bug wings without sewing - Get some fairly stiff wire, like coat hanger wire or something similar. Bend it into the shape you want for the wings. Then, either stretch a nylon stocking (your choice of color) over the wire frame, or use a strong craft glue like Amazing Goop to glue lightweight fabric directly to the wires (tulle works very well). Use acrylic paint to add veins, spots or other details to the wings, if you want. Attach the ends of the wires together with appropriately colored tape, or wrap with fabric and secure it with hot glue. Attach the wings to your costume with safety pins, or tie them on with string. This also works for fairy wings.

The "Studio" refers to my art studio. I'm currently working in warm glass and enameling. Photography is one of the few art forms I haven't tackled yet, although I do use photographs as an intermediate step in some of my other projects.

Hope this is helpful. Very nice profile pic, BTW. You are gonna make SO many friends on this site....

Whoops. Before "Cut eye & mouth holes..." add "Pop balloon/beach ball/whatever and remove from inside the head".


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I would consider using paper mach. just come with the shape