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how can I make a home made drum kit? Answered

how can I make a home made drum kit out off bukets



Get a stick and start hitting the buckets.  I'm not joking.  Use the stick or your hands to find the tones from different parts of the buckets- mark the buckets where you get the right tones.  You can bend or dent the buckets, partially fill with water or dirt, invert, lay them on their side, etc.
Experiment- find the music from within the medium (where do you think steel drums came from?)

I made mine by laying an old t shirt on the opening and stretching a rubber band around it. I used a tambourine for the crash cymbol. Itook a different sized bucket and did the same thing that I did with the other drum to make a different noise. For the hi hat I used to pieces of metal like a cookie tin and put a rubber band between em and taped that all together. For the last drums I took a shoe box and a phonebook. Im still working on how by to make a drum pedal.