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how can I make a rc morph ball from metroid prime? Answered

I want to make one but I need some ideas including how I can make it turn and move foreward please you help me figure this out


You need a weighted RC car that fits into a ball. Preferably one that uses 1 motor per side and is able to do 360 degree spins. Drive the car forward and the ball roles forward and so on.

neat but I am going to use a hamster ball making it move foreward will be harder but making it move left and right how would I do that

A small RC car that will fit in the ball will do it all for you. When you turn the car left or right is will spin inside the ball while the ball stay stationary. Then when the car moves forward again the ball will be rolling in the new direction. The car needs the be the kind with 2 control levers that move up and down. Each lever controlling one side of the car's wheels. Like a small RC tank. It also needs to be heavier then the ball so it will move the ball and not run loop the loops in the ball.