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how can I make a removable mural using heavy MDF shapes? Answered

Hi there, I'm trying to make a mural for our school, using MDF shapes that will be painted by the children. The mural needs to be removable for when the wall needs repainting. Somebody suggested adhesive magnets, because they show no marks. Are they strong enough to hold pieces that are around 1,80m high and weigh over 6 kilos? I was hoping to use 1 or 2 screws on the bigger pieces, just in case they slide. Anyone has some experience on this? Any other ideas for holding these pieces on to the wall?


Use thinner board or a ton of 3M command strips.

Magnets wouldn't really be that effective - they're good at pulling things together but not as good at stopping stuff sliding sideways... If the murals are going back up after repainting anyway then simple hooks would work fine - My mum does a lot of art work in schools and generally mounts the likes of mosaics and shapes on to a large board painted white or another neutral colour and hangs that on the wall, however you could individually hang them in a number of manners. You even mount bits of wood to the wall and screw them on if the murals always go back up. If they don't then it does get trickier, even screwing them on would make sense because it's such a small job to cover up... If you wanted to use a more semi-permanent mounting method my suggest would be to go for a thinner board to cut down on weight, since the magnets would be a prohibitive cost anyway I would try to consider something simple to use instead...