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how can I make a wild rabbit house? Answered

I wanted to find some free diy plans on making a portable, house for rabbits, that for wild rabbits that's designed so the rabbits will not need any matanince (because they are wild critters which do there own natural thing  so people do not have to disturb them,with access for emergency use. you can make your own project then post it just make sure it's safe for the rabbits and people, I don't want to spend too much money, It's just a possible plan it's not a garrentee   I disclaim I am a humane ethical young man, I am good at heart, I will see what I an do if nessary and get my parents concent, it is meant within the terms of use


Josehf Murchison

5 years ago

Pile sticks and brush.

Rabbits are wary of manmade objects like a box with only one way in and the same way out, brush piles have multiple ways in and out.

If you look at live traps the best ones are open at both ends when set so the animal doesn’t feel trapped when they enter.



5 years ago

So you want to catch wild rabbit and keep them in a cage that is maintenance free so they have no human interactions?

Not going to happen. No matter how you build it you will still need to go in and clean it and put in fresh food for them. Even if you keep the floor of the pen chicken wire the poop will build up on the wire and become a health hazard. Not to mention the rabbit being stuck with a wire mesh floor will cause foot problems for them.

Keeping any kind of animal, wild or domesticated, requires lots of interaction and maintenance. The only animal that is maintenance free is a stuffed one. Even then you will want to dust it from time to time.