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how can I make a workable mouse trap? Answered

My sister is plagued by mice.  She says the mice are very tricky and elude all mousetraps she set up. They eat through the plastic containers to get at the food.  They are even in their beds.


a ferret is better than a cat ,  'cause as soon as a rodent ( ANY rodent) scents ferret they will grab generous helping of GONE !!!!

Get a really good cat.  I had a good one and he was still catchingmice when he was 20 years old.

Glue traps are good.

Wire cages with a tube entrance like a fish trap work.

Poison works great.  I don't like to use it around kids or pets butyou gotta get rid of the mice.

She may have to put the food in metal cans.  You have to removethefood source from them.  Make the only food source available tothem the traps.

I keep my dog food in a plastic 30 gal. trash can with a lid.  OneChristmas I left the lid off by mistake and the next morning there wasabout 100 mice in the bottom.  They had gone in to get the dog foodand it was too tall for them to get out again.

Maybe it's time to call in a professional service to get things under control.

I consider glue traps inhumane. The traditional spring trap isusually an instant kill. Cats can be almost as fast; one nip to thespine. The glue trap leaves 'em struggling until you think to check on it.

Outside of that,  sounds reasonable to me. Seal off all food exceptthe bait.

I guess they are and maybe should be used as a last resort. Thank's for pointing that out.

When we had barn mice as a child my stepdad would take a 5 gallon bucketabout half full of water and make a ramp up to the top. Then he wouldtie string between the two holes where the bucket handle goes makinglike a tight-rope. Then he smeared the string with butter and/or bacongrease. The mice will try to cross the string to lap up the butter orgrease and they slip off the string and down into the bucket of water,into Davey Jones' locker. If you can't stand letting the mice drown, youcan leave the bucket empty and they will just be trapped in the bottom.
I am a big fan of the paper towel tube trap. Take a paper towel tube andput a small amount of peanut butter at one end. Set the paper towel tubehanging about halfway off of your kitchen counter, peanut butter endout. Then place an empty trash can under it. When the mice go out to getthe peanut butter, the paper towel tube tips and falls off the counterinto the trash bin. Viola. Trapped mouse.