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how can I make aluminum battery?? Answered

I need a kind of high energy aluminum battery.help ...


You will also need an annode, and a cathode.  Batteries are made in cylinder shape for efficency.  Even the 9v dc are just a bunch of cylinders in a rectangle case.  The annode and cathode will need to be insulated from each other. 
If your trying to build a battery from scratch, then I suggest studying the alledged Ancient Egyptian ceramic batteries.  Or check out Benjamin Franklin's batteries from leyden jars.

Not all 9v. batteries are round cells in a rect. can.  Those are less dense than the style that uses rectangular cells stacked inside the can.

Google it. Aluminium batteries are NOT rechargeable, but can be made from aluminium foil and brine.


Aluminum isn't a very common ingredient in batteries; generally they involve an electrolyte, and 2 different metals.

Example:  A lemon and a copper + zinc plate.  Jam the plates into the lemon and tada, you have a battery.