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how can I make mead out of a two liter bottle? Answered

ingredients and all


do this:
put 1 1/2 pounds of clover honey real not fake into your bottle. then make a 1/2 cup of tea any kind. add 1 tablespoon of cinnamon to the tea and dissolve the best you can and add that to your bottle. then add 1/2 of an orange cut into bits also in the bottle throw in about 10 raisins then fill with warm water, leave about 3 inch on the top for room for it to foam cap and shake for 5 min. then add 1/2 of a packet of active dry yeast like red star were talking bread yeast here. then take cap off add a balloon on the top, poke a pin hole or 2 in it. let it sit in a warm dark place until it stops bubbling about 6 weeks and then carefully dump just the liquid into another bottle seal and age for at least 2 months.


8 years ago

You can't make mead out of glass! But if you meant -in- a two liter bottle, that's a different kettle of fish! ;-)

In addition to rickharris' link, you'll have better success with a larger batch than just 2 litres. Don't worry, mead is tasty and easier than most other brewed drinks to make so a few extra litres is worth it!