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how can I make money ? Answered

Hi, i,m 14 and is i need some help. I 've been wanting some money . I won't work online or do surveys. i'm always home becuase i am homeschooled. so please help me.

also I am wanting about 100 dollars in 3-5 months




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+1 on burf.

However, there are lots of ways to make money as a homeschooler... I should know. I was homeschooled at your age. I don't know your location, but in IL, you can actually apply for a work permit if you are 14 and homeschooled. Check your local library or park district. My local park district gave me my first job when I was 14, I taught rock climbing and heights safety. Alternatively, start your own business. I also fixed computers when I was your age... Made a good buck at that.

Side note, look into doing dual credit gen-ed classes at a community college. You can make more money if you are in college at your age if you have your own business... Besides, it's the smart thing to do. I got my Masters in computer engineering when I was 23. I got my dream job that same year (or at least what I thought was my dream job... I ended up having to do things I didn't agree with in that job...)

Anyway... Good luck, and don't forget to get your "socializing" in... (wink, wink) ;)

Here's a link to the child labor laws for PA:
I have to say, it was easier to find these laws than it was for IL! :) It seems that you can be a golf caddy or get a "vacation permit" at your age. A vacation permit allows you to work on days you are not in school.

You should also consider if you have any marketable skills where you could make your own business. I was very good with computers and loved working with them at your age, so I had a blast running a computer repair business. It doesn't have to be computers. I have a friend who loves to bake... She opened a small business baking for special events when she was 15... If you are interested in something, more than likely you can make money at it, and have fun doing it.

-Take cans back
-See if you can get good deals on electronics or vintage things at yard sales and sell at a pawn shop or etsy.com (etsy is for vintage things)

These may work (the can one definately). The yard sale part is just a suggestion I have yet to try.

I am salvaging scrap copper aluminum and steel for extra cash. I am also going to try to sell some stuff I have made on EBAY.

When i was your age i was pulling in about $40 a week mowing lawns. Spending about 4 to 8 hours a week working on 2 different lawns. I started mowing lawns when i was 10 and have been working ever since.

I earned $60 in one day running a lemonade stand. A friend and i turned a few old pallets into a decent looking stand and drug everything out to the near by pond and set up shop. We where only 12 or 13 at the time. But that was on July 4th and my home town has a big parade where the whole town drives there golf carts to the parade route. So we had allot of business from everyone going to and from the parade. Now days local governments want you to get a permit to have a lemonade stand. The permits cost money so that may not been a good option for you.

Here is another option. Start checking the neighborhood and surrounding areas on trash day for old electronic. Most communities have a recycling program now so things like aluminum cans don't really fetch any money. But inside old TVs, Microwaves and whatnot is a good bit of copper. Recycling centers are paying about $3 a pound for copper scrap. Not to mention the stock of electronics you can build up for projects. If your into electronics.

Opportunities are out there you just gotta find an need and fill it.


6 years ago

Being the oldest of eight I am guessing that there is not much of an allowance left for you. And since babysitting is probably a mandatory responsibility there would be no money there either.
You need to ask the people in your area who have the experience in this subject. In other words talk to the other kids and find out what they have managed to do. Since each place is different the specific answer to your question will lie in those who live there. Something that works here is picking up aluminum cans along the roads. It can actually pay off pretty good if you have determination. (Also you could recruit your other siblings to help and give them a cut)


6 years ago

This should help you out:
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