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how can I make my voice come out of no where? need mini voice transmitters wireless/remote? Answered

Like wireless a mini mic that I could hide in say a porta potty... or hide several that all feed me talking from across the road.? The idea is to hide tiny but loud enough "mic's" in a string of porta potties and mess with our friends while they do thier business hahaha. I do not need to hear them so no talk back. Also I'd like to rig a sock monkey so I can be the voice of gawd through him... this would be even better if I could hear responses - so litterally have conversations remotely through a plush toy. What are the devises that can help me?



10 years ago

Easiest way I know how to do this. Use a two way radio such as Motorola, Cobra, or other brand, and place one where wanted. Plug a microphone into the hidden one so you have a way to hear, and have fun. I used to play with my dog like this. I would put it in the basement and call her from my room.