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how can I rate an instructable ? I can not find anything to click on!? Answered


Hey Triumphman... this feature is extremly fickle and there's no telling when it'll be "fixed".

Here are a few backdoor solutions that work for me... more often than not. :-)

First: Refresh the page a time or 2... or 10. ;-) Didn't work? Try this-->

Click directly on the the Author's username. This will take you to his/her list of Instructables. From there, click on the Ible you want to rate. If you still don't see the Star Rating feature, try this -->

If you're using the "View all steps on one page" feature, go to your profile and disable it.  Then go back to the Ible you want to rate.  Click the box that says "View all steps on one page". It's the first box under the title.

I've found that refreshing the page is the least reliable fix, but the other two methods are fairly reliable, although temporary.

If you feel compelled to rate a project, but none-of-the-above solutions work, save the Ible to your favs and try another time.

Good luck to you... I know how frustrating this can be. ;-)

Another (drastic) solution?

I just heard from a reliable source. She uses Internet Explorer and has NO problem with the Star-rating feature whatsoever! ;-O)

Isn't that just priceless???

I started using a browser called Flock several years ago. It is based on the Firefox engine but customized. I love it. It almost never has problems and the star ratings always show up and work. Of course it's possible that part of the reason for that is that it is no longer updated. The people who developed Flock dropped it because they got hired and payed big bucks to work on something else. So it has remained the same , frozen in time at a point where everything worked perfectly. And nobody has screwed it up since. I have 39 tabs open now. Probably should close some of them, like the Google search on how to toilet train a cat. but its a lot easier to just leave the tab open rather than having to find it again.

You like it that well, Vyger? What version are you running? I see Flock is still available to dowload.

Even though it is not being updated I am still useing it. I have tried other browsers and I still like this one the best so far. I have version 2.6.2 which I think was the last release. You should get it just to try. It's free. I will import everything from your other browsers when it installs. So you don't really have to do much to get it up and running.

Ya well, IE is another animal altogether, so I'm not that surprised.

In my opinion, on a PC, Internet Explorer is an AMAZING tool...

for downloading Firefox. ;)

What is it with all these abbreviations, what the h--- is wrong with people? Can't they spell or speak any more! I have no idea what lol means or :D or ;-O, and I really don't want to know! Is everything going into the crapper , like stuff made in china purchased at the dollar store?

More importantly, was someone able to answer your question?

TM... they are just acronyms. What the H__? is abbreviated WTH. I'm sure you can guess what the abbreviation WTF stands for. ;-) (That's a wink-smile)

Laugh out loud is "lol", whereas LMBO translates as: Laughing my butt off

;-D is a laughing/grinning face when you look at it with your head tilted sideways to the left.

See? Now you got a 2fer... which translates to "2 answers for the price of 1" except it didn't cost you anything!

But my question is: What's a "crapper"? lol... jk. (just kidding, of course!;-)

The "rating stars" will sometimes appear if you re-load the page several times... It's not the best method, but until the bug has been fixed, its about your only solution.

Nope... you didn't read my answer, didya? ;-)

No, I didn't (probably because you posted after me). ;-)

Also, you didn't mention your "second method" (or the first). o_0 ;-)

hahaha... both of our answers were still in the system at the same time. ;-)

Now you know there are at least 3 ways to skin the Star Rating Cat. ;-D

lol... I know, its kinda funny when 5 people comment (or answer a question), and say the same thing 5 times... (can you imagine if you're the one posting the question, and getting all the replies)?

At least we're resourceful on finding a way to skin that star rating cat! ;)

LOL... (Were you the other member to rate this question?) lol ;)

lol... No... but I just 5-ed several of yours! ;-D

:) - Thanks! That's pretty darn awesome of you to do so! ;)

I just finished testing a new release that will fix loads of missing things (like star ratings), we're aiming to have this out super soon!

You can't, that feature's borked right now. A bugfix is on its way, I hear.

You certainly can.

I just rated an Ible using the second method I listed below.

The Star-rating feature may be fickle or "borked", (whatever that means. ;-) but it sure isn't dead.

Sometimes can, won't do squat for me. (feeling pedantic :P)


Bork bork bork!

LOL... love it. ;)

I remember another muppet (can't remember its name though), and all he ever said was...

yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep

LOL... (I laughed so hard I'm crying!!!) Those two are the best. ;)

You made my day. :D