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how can I save cash and make money from college? Answered

What are my options for REAL companies that can get me some extra money? If someone sends me to another moola.com or make $500000/hr site im going to die lol. But I would like to know if there really is anything online that I can do. Something that wont cost anything to start and doesnt EVER ask for money from me. (can you tell that I've gone through this once or twice?)

And what are some good ways to save?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Starting thoughts from someone who has made a lot of money

NOTHING will come for free so expect to have to do some work. There is no such thing as a free lunch!

Assess your skills, ones you have or can learn fairly cheaply and quickly.

Ensure that your "business" isn't going to effect your studies 9although that didn't hurt Bill Gates)

Make & sell jewellery

Buy a product everyone uses in bulk and cheap and re-package and sell. - Examples sweets, popcorn - socks - toothpaste - Alcohol - Crisps (chips) - basic storage foods - soft drinks.

cardboard furniture

Cardboard toys

Sell knowledge - where is that elusive text in bio-mechanical development in the 18th cent?

Work for local supermarket or 7-11

Wash cars

Walk dogs

Sit with elderly people

Work in local old peoples home

Baby sit

Educate school kids after school

Sell used clothes

Re-purpose and recycle products and sell - lots of ideas in instructables.


7 years ago

You wont make millions but you can make decent money with this site, I've made 24k so far (over a few years) Earn Money Online


8 years ago

Buy a BIG 50 pound barrel of HTH chlorine.
Re-Package it into 2 cup bags labeled 'BURN OUT'
Re-Sell it to swimming pool companys for $5.00 a bag
They sell it to their customers for $10.00 a bag to keep the green stuff from growing in the pool whilst it is closed for the winter

Ya know how many cups of powdered chlorine is in a 50 pound barrel?
A Butt Load !

I paid for my education that way.


8 years ago


It doesn't make a lot, but you could try Google Adsense, it displays a small ad on your blog or website, and pays you a small amount whenever someone views it.

Or there's also MetaCafe, people like KipKay practically live off of it. You simply make a popular video, and they start paying you once it reaches something like 2000 views. (Never looked into it myself, I don't know any specifics.)

Good luck.


8 years ago

What are your skills? What can you do? What are you good at?

Start there and figure out if you can make money at it. Maybe you could sell stuff you make on etsy (does anyone actually earn money on etsy?) Sell stuff on eBay. Heck, get a paper route or a part time job at a supermarket!

As for saving money at college... Shop sales, stay away from convenience foods and eating out. Prepare your own food. Limit or eliminate alcohol, unless someone else is paying. Don't buy anything if you can get it free from other people (like on Freecycle). Ride a bike or walk, don't drive. Take all that money you save, and stuff it in a bank. Pay for things in cash so you're not tempted to use a debit or credit card.


8 years ago

Amazon's Mechanical Turk is a way to make some money, though the tasks tend to be very repetitive and the pay is very low. Also, beware of the tasks that require you to reveal any of your personal information (e.g. come test my site where it asks for you name, address, social security number, drivers license, etc). If you use a site reputation browser extension (e.g. Web of Trust) and these will be very easy to identify.


8 years ago

It's not online, but you should look into making and selling PVC furniture in your spare time. It's something that is cheap and easy to produce, and your fellow students can make excellent use of.