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how can I tell what kind of wood this is? Answered


Many moons ago I visited a school and observing a lesson I asked a young student what kind of wood he was using, (beech by the way). He looked at me in scorn and said "Tree wood of course"

I moved on.

If  Lady 802 ever reads her answers,  Rick  has the best answer !!

The kind of wood is  


I have worked with wood before, and I think the most important thing is to be prepared to listen. Then when the wood feels like speaking, it will speak to you, and tell you all of its secrets.

That's funny, I heard the same thing about women. Don't know if its true though.

Mostly wood likes to talk about its future, what it wants to be.  For example the wood may say, "I want to be a shelf!".  Or maybe, "I want to be firewood!" Sometimes the wood will give you a warning of something about to happen, like, "Don't drill all the way through me, or I'll splinter on the side where the hole comes out!"

In contrast, I do not think women give up their secrets as easily as wood does. 

Although the comparison reminds me of that old documentary, "Alone in the Wilderness", and because it does, I'm going to tell you a story about that.

The movie, "Alone in the Wilderness"
(You can see some pieces of it here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYJKd0rkKss )
was basically a bunch of old video clips, circa 1950s or 1960s, of this guy Dick Proenneke, building a log cabin all by himself, somewhere in the wilderness of the former state of Alaska, and it is narrated with the text of the journals Dick wrote while doing this. The voice is not actually Dick Proenneke's voice.  It's somebody else reading his journals, but from the perspective of watching the movie, this voice might as well be his.

Wood plays a huge role in this movie. At least a third of the movie is just video of Dick making things out of wood:  handles for his tools, a bench, a wooden spoon, the cabin itself, sort of rising around his  makeshift forest workshop.  All the while Dick's movie voice is saying things like, "made a good pile of shavings...", and "You can't rush these things..."

Also nature itself is one of the characters. A lot of the film is hiking around in the woods, and video of animals, etc, and you're probably wondering what this has to do with women, but there was just this one line in that movie that kind of stuck with me. I don't think I can quote it verbatim, but it was something like:

"This lake can change its temper in a hurry... like a woman!"

And this line just comes out of nowhere, and it gave me the viewer, pause.  I mean up until that line Dick has told very little about his life before the Wilderness.

Then it made me think, "Erm... OK. Gee Dick, is that why you came out here to the woods, man? I mean, which woman, and what did she do to you?"

With that line it just seems that Dick has chosen wood over women, I mean in regards to who, or which,  he'd rather spend time with, and it might possibly be because the wood was easier for him to work with.

From the information provided, I would say it is probably brown, either a hardwood or a softwood...


5 years ago

Transparent wood, genetically modified for the purpose of not obscuring border crossings. Doesn't work well for providing shade.


5 years ago

Perhaps you could include a picture..
 Really hard to read your mind :-)
  • Take an iPhone pic and eMail it to yourself.
  • Then transfer the pic to your document file.
  • Then logged on ibles, Open your library
  • Select the Choose Fifes  icon
  • Click on the pic file in your document folder
  • Then hit save and assign a code like wood or x
  • and press the Upload Files icon.
  • Next time you look in your library the pic will be there..