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how can I watch bbc-iplayer from abroad? Answered



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There's some content on TV that cannot be watched outside the country (for example hulu for the US). So this is a Geo-restriction where the providing web page checks your computers IP-address. I'm not encouraging that one watches shows that are subscription based, but in case of hulu, the service is free for US citizens as long as they are within the country. But you cannot watch it outside the US as they do not have the rights to stream the content outside the US (at least that's what they state on their web). On the other side, I grew accustomed to some shows which are broadcasted here on German TV with a delay of up to 3 years. I also prefer the native language for those shows. Using a proxy sometimes works, but not in all cases. There are different VPN services (some free - search for hotspot shield -, some subscription based). Sometimes you have to reconnect to the service if the webpage you try to access banned the currently assigned IP-address. Those services do assign random IP addresses from within another country. There's one big drawback in both, Proxies and VPNs. They slow down your internet connection, sometimes to a crawl that makes streaming shows inappropriate to watch. But for the occasional "I would love to watch that show" it works ok.

In theory, you can't.  People in the UK pay a yearly license fee.  Other people don't pay that fee.  That's why the BBC limits what's available to the general public - we haven't paid for it.

Technically, there is a way.  Find some helpful person in the UK with a "proxy" machine on which s/he'll give you an account.  Log on to the "proxy" machine and watch it from there.

BBC Radio makes their audio streams are available freely to anyone.  You can listen using a browser.  Alternately, we use F-Screen with an iPod Touch to listen to BBC Radio.

Only trouble with the Hotspot Shield is that it seems to be bundled with spyware, not too sure Channel 4OD works on it either now.
Best bet I guess is to go for a paid service, but one that's cheap enough.
I saw this one for 2.99


You can access most national only content, such as certain things from hulu and youtube and so forth, by setting up a proxy that passes through that country. www.docoja.com/red/ offers proxies in several countries, try there. If that doesn't work you might have some luck with Tor but that is complex and not friendly to most users.

 You can't. I live in ireland its so annoying