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how can a batch file be run fullscreen? Answered

i need to know which settings i need to change on my computer so that any command prompt runs fullscreen...


To get rid of the scrollbar, just make a shortcut with the buffer and window size, width 80, height 35, and the window position, left 235, top 227

To make it fullscreen, just alt&enter. Boom, now you have a fully size without scrollbar. Really good for making bsod pranks

Tried alt&enter but can I get rid of the scrollbar

Hold Alt and press Enter

that only works on windows 95, which is 5 windows version behind...HOLY COW ARE YOU IN WINDOWS 95?!

i tried Alt Enter it says my computer doesnt support

Now we know. Windows 10 is really Windows 95 w/ gadgets.

VBS Easy Make It Send %{ENTER} And That Will Make It Full Screen

type "MODE CON COLS=999 LINES=999"

that helped me but i don,t like the top bar showing

If you are starting something from a batch file then you can type:

start /max PROGRAM

This will open it in fullscreen hopefully.

it doesnt, actually, infact, it doesn't do anything

Type "mode 1000".

i tried Alt Enter it says my computer doesnt support

Noooo...... That makes it open a ton of windows and eventually crash.

You can change how you launch the command prompt window so it launches fullscreen. For example:  Rightclick on the icon, Properties, Options, Full screen.

But you can't keep folks from opening command windows in other ways, so "any command prompt" isn't something you can achieve.

i have already tried my laptop doesnt have a fullscreen option when i open properties the box is missing from the general tab...

I was just going to tell you a effective way of making a single file batch program that uses registry edits to make itself fullscreen, but I see you have Vista. It got taken out of Visa because it interferes with the transparent Aero theme. I will show you how later though, I'm a little busy at the moment...

BTW Is that also took out of Win7?

thanks for the relpy i believe i can wait till you get around to it, it isnt necessary right now because i am still wrighting the code for the program.

Three good methods.

1. Open the batch file. Right-click on the bar at the top, click the "Properties" on the drop-down menu, click the "Options" tab, and change it to full screen.

2. In the code, type MODE CON COLS=999 LINES=999

3. When it is running, press Alt+Enter.

Hope this helped!

 You can change it in the options and I would liek to know is there a code to make it vertically go to top without opening 35 windows, I would like to make a TaT that is all.

Press Alt+Enter while the window is running, only works in XP...

Perhaps there's a command shell  alternative out there on the internet.
I personally haven't tried any of them.

Right click on the batch file and create a shortcut to the batch file.
Then right click on the shortcut, and go to properties.
Click on the options tab and then select full screen under display options.

Note:  ALT   ENTER  keys toggle the  command prompt screen from
            full screen to normal  and from normal to full screen.