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how can a junior teenager make money? Answered

k, well obviously, im a junior teen. i want to start making money early to buy a car when im older so i ont have to worry about a car later, and save for a house instead. my parents are over protective so going to someone elses house wont happen, but i mght be able to go to my neighbours's back/front yards. my parents wont pay me to do chores. i AM starting a small tutoring buisness but that wont set off for a while. any ideas?


This question gets asked A LOT here. Try looking at some of the Instructables and previous questions where its been asked.


"The same way a senior teenager, or adult would make money -- do a job that someone else is neither able nor willing to do for money, and you will indeed make money."

turns out the younger you are the more 'unwilling' jobs you get instead of 'unable'.

thnx 4 ur help.....hasnt exactly given me any ideas but thnx 4 ur help

+1 to Steveastrouk & Frollard, but what the heck is a "junior teen"?

year 7-? (9 i think) (in australia year 7 is at the age of 13)