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how can a relationship be better is one patner is lacking intrest? Answered

what am' really trying to say is that intrest is lacking in my relationship and i really don no the next step and both party don want to let go



8 years ago

I agree with what has been said. Significantly, if you both don't want to let go,-as has been said, there's still something there. My advice would be to 'start again' (as has been touched on in these answers). Ask him/her? out on a date. Redo your relationship, start at the point where it was good,-start a courtship, and work- slowly, from there. My best wishes, and good luck!

Maintaining a releationship takes effort. Don't expect it to always be easy and automatic. Ask your partner what their needs are and try to meet those needs. Help your partner understand and meet your needs. Recognize that some compromises will be necessary; nothing is perfect. Start with focusing on being your partner's best friend (by their definition, not by yours). That goes a long way. If necessary, consider getting counseling. From what I've seen, if both people really want to make it work, that can help.

Ask yourself why you were interested in the first place and seize on those original feelings. If you both don't want to let go, there must be something there worth saving. It's not always going to be a honeymoon. I've been in enough relationships where my partner didn't get it to know that much. Relationships that last are ones where the partners realize that simple fact. The word "partner" should give clue as to the ultimate purpose of a long term relationship. It's not all about hot sex and spending your money til it's gone in the thrill of the initial dating, and unless you're independently wealthy, that can only last so long before you're in the poor house. Sit down and figure out what common interests you share. Quit bickering about stupid little things. Don't say ugly remarks that are hard to take back and echo in the partner's mind and heart...Don't fool around. DO be kind. Do try to show love for the other person. Be patient. Start acting like you're dating instead of "stuck" with each other.Be on your best behavior.

Figure out how to get the interest back or neither will be very happy.