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how can a teenager start a business or store? Answered

all i need to know is how to get it started but i will accept any other information



Best Answer 8 years ago

Any number of people have started selling things from their lockers. candy, school supplies, collectibles. School rules sometimes forbid this.

The classic lemonade stand is an option.   Summer is coming up.

Mowing lawns is a  businesses that has a nice repeat sale built in.

Dog walking, babysitting, math tutor to younger kids are other things that pop to mind.

Make yourself up a website.

Find premises.

Get a store / business name.

Think of layout, and try to stick to one type (ie. red and white for KFC).


And mostly: really put yourself out there! Other wise you'll never get customers.


8 years ago

 Make a website, decide your products, "mass produce" (just be able to do what ever it is quickly), advertise, campaign. What business are you doing?

Lots of people throw away lawn-mowers that only need MINOR fixing to get going again.  Most of them only need a new spark plug... or old gas removed from the tank and carbeurator... new gas put in tank.... or occasionally blade sharpened... or pull cord mechanism replaced.   You can fix them then resell them.  Parts from nonrepairable ones can be used to fix other ones.  I spoke to a man who did this on the side. he said he would not put more than a couple dollars into fixing one... just for a sparkplug.  If he needed to rebuild the pistons or something he would NOT do that because it was not worth doing.  Believe me people pitch these things when almost NOTHING is wrong with them.  You could make money fixing and reselling them. Another tip is to collect them all year even in the winter... and be fixing them all year. then when springtime comes POW... you can make lots of sales. I assume you live in the USA. I don't know if people in other nations pitch their lawnmowers as quickly as we do over here.

 Actual type of business you'll have to figure out what you're good at or know about - whatever you choose, I'd recommend something where you have quick access to the goods you're selling, this will greatly reduce the need to carry stock (I'm sure your parents won't want to live in a warehouse and its an unnecessary expense / hassle in any business). This is a business concept used by top class manufacturers such as Toyota - it'll take more effort but in your case if you can pull it off, it can be very profitable

Once you start selling - you'll be turning the money you invest over (i.e. when you sell stuff, you'll be getting money back allowing you to repurchase goods for future sales) and then your competitive edge + feel for the market (i.e. keep in touch with customers and potential customers to find gaps where you can be more competitive) will determine how successful you'll be. 

I'm guessing that you're trying to make money, right? This may help you in that area. Good luck with your endeavors.

A kid down the road from me recycles newpapers into newpaper logs. In the summer he makes them and dries them in the sun and fills his gran's garage with them. In the winter he sells them along with kindling from cut  up pallets.

.  With out more info, it's difficult to say.
.  If you need to rent a storefront, you will probably need to be at least 18 in order to sign a contract.