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how can a thirteen year old make money? Answered

I need money. Not just a couple hundred but in the thousands of dollars. Don't tell me doing chores because that never adds up. Remember I'm only thirteen



Save don't blow ur money on the first thing you see talk to ur parents and negotiate with parents and family to see if you can get small jobs or allowances each month. when you do get a job get references from family and small jobs do community related actives this looks really good on a resume for a job

You have a problem and you have constructed ONE and ONLY ONE answer to your problem. You need to be more creative. Come on. Lets think of TEN SOLUTIONS to that problem. Then pick one that might work. I will help you a little bit. 1... you could join a paragliders CLUB. hang around those people who do that. Make it known that you cant afford one right now but you would like to assist other fellows who have one, and maybe you could get an occasional ride in theirs.... etc etc 2... You could try UNPOWERED gliders first... like hang-gliders... or parachuting. That would cost much less and would get your feet wet. Then when you save up more money, you could sell your old hang-glider and put that money towards what you really want... the powered one. 3... You could decide to be patient... and just wait for the money to build up as you and your mom save up. It might take a couple years. 4.... You could possibly purchase a USED paraglider off of one of those guys at the paragliders club. People are always getting tired of one thing and getting into something else. For example... some guys get a little OLDER and get married. The wife says, "that paraglider has GOT TO GO!!" so out it goes. LUCKY YOU... you would like to buy it for 3000. 5.... You get the idea now. This is how to solve most problems. Think up LOTS of solutions. Dont get stuck with your ONE SOLUTION especially if it obviously is a BAD SOLUTION. YOU DONT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY. You must be more creative and think of many solutions. Good Luck.

There are essentially 2 ways to make money -

1. Convince a few people to give you lots of money.

2. Convince many people to give you a little money.

Think about it most people wouldn't bend down to pick up small change, or they refuse change in a shop because they don't want to carry it around. So getting them to give a little may be easier than getting a few to give a lot.

The question is how to get them to give their money to you? You can offer a service, offer a product, it depends on your skills.

In general making money works best if you attack it from several different directions, i.e. have several schemes on the go at once, that way you should never be without some money coming in.

This guy made several million dollars for doing relatively little other than what he enjoyed and is prepared to share his approach for nothing!

You will no doubt have to work at it but it's not impossible.

how about programming? perhaps you already know how to program and if you don't you could learn. check out this website: http://www.elance.com/p/landing/b/buyer.html . You bid for projects (bidding the lowest bid you'll do the job for) and if you win the bid then the contractors pay you for that amount upon the completion of the project. Most of it is website and application coding, but if that's what your good at you can earn a lot fast.

I need the money because me and my mom wer going to buy an ultralight powered para glider. The problem is my mom had a small budget of $3000 dollars. They cost $7000 at least. Basicly I need a way to make $4000. Which is even harder because I'm thirteen.

If I knew of a legal way to make thousands of dollars without working for it, I'd be doing it myself.

Couple thousand... If I'm not being too intrusive, may I ask why you need so much money?

And for your question, search for it under the Answers section on this site.
Seriously, a hundred or more people have asked the same question before.

In the search box, type something like, "make money kid"