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how can i build a good bipod for a sniper Answered

I need a good bipod for my new knex sniper . any suggestens?



7 years ago

for a good bipod first make an attatchment for the gun and bipod to combine then make two or three steady legs like two snowflakes attached by 8 grey,black or orange rods wich you will have to do twice.

It's a heavy gun it kind of needs a bipod

Why need a bipod? Seriously though what point is there? K'nex is light enough that you can easily support it with your arms and there is virtually no recoil (though the laws of physics still say there will be a barely visible amount of recoil) so features such as bi pods and even stocks are virtually useless and not that impressive to have.

I like stocks. They let you steady your shot, and the look real. As for the bipod, your right about the wieght thing.