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how can clean a sega genesis? Answered

I have found a sega genesis at a yard sell for $12. I don't have the stuff right now. It is vary old so I opened it. It is very dusty, so should I clean it with the same things like the why to clean the NES or anything else thing clean it with? - ninjacat64


I'd try a 30o wash, on the wool setting.

. <looks at washing machine, trying to figure out how to tilt it 30o off plumb>



Or would it be GoodMahma..?

Those are cool. They have 64 Pin DIPS in them. :o Yeah, like what Nachomahma said, you probably would whack it, but I would just get a can of compressed air and WHOOSHHHH.

. Remove the cover, turn it upside down, and give it a few good whacks with the palm of your hand. . If still not clean enough, use a clean, dry, compressed air. A small paintbrush may help, but be careful of static. . Still not clean enough? Take a vacuum cleaner to it. Keep in mind that a lot of static electricity can be generated at the nozzle, so don't linger on any spots or touch anything with the nozzle. I try to avoid using a vacuum cleaner, but, sometimes, that's what it takes. . If it has a CD/DVD drive, you may want to remove it before stirring up a lot of dust.