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how can i add lights to my motherboard and computer case.? Answered

i want the led's to get power from the motherboard. i don't want to have to add an extra fan though.
i have a soldering iron and i can get quite a few electronic components,either from school or from maplins


this is my motherboard if it helps


You can purchase cathode tubes for a fairly good price. I see them on Newegg.com for like 6 bucks and they are a foot long in many colors. I have a blue one in my plexiglass case I built and it looks awesome.

They just use 1 of your 4-pin connectors on your power supply, and it re-routes power so you can still plug it into another device if you don't have any free ones.

I dont think it possible to add led to your motherboard.

you can but dont do ityou can burn out compontes